Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Makes Big Waves

Remember the adage about Redmond – 3rd time charm. Well  Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 appears to garner that lucky state big time. This machine announced today is already pulling in strong reactions all over the tech and business press: Motley Fool declares “Microsoft Corporation Launches Thermonuclear War On Its Own Partners With Surface Pro 3” Seeking …

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Adobe Spurs Open Source

 Recently Adobe was in a disastrous,  market threatening  position – a major consumer software vendor that had to defend itself from the tyranny of Apple, Microsoft, and Google’s OS + App Store monopolies. These OS market share pinnacles allow arbitrary exclusion [Apple’s infamous Flash ban on iOS], OS API update dependencies or vulnerabilities [again, used in …

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The Fate of Bill Gates

Reuters started the ball rolling earlier this week saying the 3 of the top 20 Microsoft shareholders raised the question of whether Bill Gates should be replaced as Chairman of Microsoft. Now Bill’s 5% holding of Microsoft stock is the largest but the 3 dissident  shareholders have a combined holding that is slightly larger. And …

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