Web BandAids

Over the past 5 years the aids to using HTML5 and other key Web tools have accumulated rapidly. And the need for advice when and how to use features in Web tools has not abated. First there is the continuing rapid release of new features as mobiles and the IoT-Internet of Things bring new demands on …

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HTML5 Test 3 Years Later

TheOpenSourcery looked at the  benchmarks for the major browser in a posting 3 years ago – so lets see what progress has been made on HTML5 and how the various browsers have progressed  3 years later: HTML Test Dec 20, 2014 So what has happened in 3 years time? First all of the top 3 …

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Tripped-up by Incompatible Browsers

With the fall from grace of Flash and Java as cross platform development tools, Full HTML Stack Web Development using HTML+CSS+JavaScript has become a new IT development favorite. Full HTML Stack-based development has assumed the primary role of common cross platform and computing device development as shown by Developers Economics and seen in the diagram below. …

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