CSS Hero and Site Origins CSS Editor:Update

At the start of this year, theOpensourcery did a review of twoWordPress CSS Editor plugins that help WP developers make CSS corrections more effectively. Since then there have been notable improvements to the two plugins -especially CSSHero 2.0.. Since both plugins will be a key part of our upcoming May 7 free presentation on WordPress with CSS …

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Web BandAids

Over the past 5 years the aids to using HTML5 and other key Web tools have accumulated rapidly. And the need for advice when and how to use features in Web tools has not abated. First there is the continuing rapid release of new features as mobiles and the IoT-Internet of Things bring new demands on …

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CSS3: More Triggers

CSS3 has unleashed the animation and active transformation capabilities of CSS in general. But much of this CSS should have been available 10 years ago if web browser vendors had been more prompt and uniform in their simple CSS standards implementation [think a very delinquent Microsoft IE even after a second promise from BIll Gates …

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CSS3 Online Generators

Like Rodney Dangerfield, CSS3 gets no respect – not only have the various browser vendors been slow in implementaion; but many are also imposing their own bizarre prefacing like -webkit-box-shadow: and -moz-box-shadow: etc. To add insult to injury, the traditional CSS Styling programs like Top Style and StyleMaster have also been tardy in their implementation of …

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Sliders for the Houston Quilt Show

The Houston International  Quilt Show presents a classic web design problem – many gorgeous images but of various sizes and orientations [about equal number of  landscape and portrait shots]. Because the images are from various sources extensive captioning is also required particularly for the winning quilts. Finally, the quilting audience is quite broad so the …

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