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One of my favorite sites to go to for Web Design ideas has been CoDrops with its playful and innovative designs that are right on the leading edge of what can be done in Web design and development. Well a new Web Design website CodyHouse has appeared with some striking similarities to CoDrops – free, design oriented, HTML5, full CSS, JavaScript bundles of design joy and innovation. But here is what CoDrops says about any relation:
codropsHowever, the all searching eyes at  Google imply some direct links.

Regardless of the “relationship” , there is still the same design goodness to be found at Codyhouse. Here a pix is worth 1000 words:
cody2libraryThere are currently 36 of these free design nuggets available – but a ew 1-3 appear every month

And CodyHouse provides a demo:

Plus a detailed explanation of the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript involved:
Click on this page to find one of the CodyHouse co-founders.

In addition the CodyHouse getting started page provides a HTML/CSS/JavaScript framework for embedding CodyHouse components for testing purposes. Again a screenshot is worth a thousand words:
Codyhouse components have a test harness that is quite general. And all an adventuresome Web developer would have to do is add the various CodyHouse components together, check the responsiveness of the code ensemble, create a small templating system – and voila you have another very good HTML5/CSS/JavaScript framework.

Who Should Use CodyHouse?

Well coders who use Bootstrap, Foundation Zurb, and Ink are prime candidates because these JavaScript frameworks will definitely benefit from CodyHouse’s great UI components. Trust me, CodyHouse works well for SPA-Single page Apps as well as more complex multi-page designs with one proviso- be careful with the CSS.

Likewise WordPress sites [but not users] and Blogger users will find that CodyHouse components can bring design flair to their websites. There are several plugins and PHP code snippets in WordPress while Blogger allows iframe code/component embeds among other ways to add HTML/JavaScript/CSS components in.

Finally, Web Designers in general will find some great UI components and design ideas at CodyHouse. Most of the components are state of the art and less than a year old. And some of the design ideas – well go to CodyHouse and make up your own mind.

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