Bit of a Bloody Bloke

Weee bit of a Bloody Bloke we have here in Gavin Clarke. Puttin his ol NetBeans on the stool and shattin away. But suppose hees axtuallee tried it ? …. Not likee.

In Java Net Beans has been in front of Eclipse which dissipated its initial lead by trying to be the Visual Studio for the Rest of Us – Eclipse is sprawling all over the place. But in Java coding Net Beans has consistently beat Eclipse in the past 2 year on new Java technologies: J2EE, app server and database integration, GUI development, Web Services, refactorings, and system customization plus tuning. And as for ease of use – well 8 million downloads may give a hint. But check here.

So come on Gavin dont throw out something really good for the sake of …. gosh knows what the reason.

(c)JBSurveyer 2006

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